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- What a Creative looks like -

It's HAPPENING - a safe, fun and informative space for all types of creatives is coming to light soon - so you better sign up below NOW!! Don't miss out!

What a Creative looks like is a passion project of mine and I have been thinking about it for a while now. 

When I graduated from university I knew the creative industry was going to be a difficult one to get into - but then the pandemic hit and it almost seemed impossible. 

It was hard enough to find any resources that could help me and any I did find were spread around many articles all over the internet and nothing was put succinctly; most were misleading headlines with empty messages. 

SO I have decided that we - as creatives - need a place where we can get information, share our stories whether they are just beginning or if we've been in the business a while now and we need somewhere where we can have fun with the ups and downs of our creative journeys!

This is how What a Creative looks like was born - because a creative looks like all of us! To start off I am putting together a newsletter of people who would like to have this sort of information and resources!

Please please please sign up if you'd like to receive updates and eventually I would love to create a fortnightly or monthly publication!

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