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Dear me, what are you reading?

Well it has been a hot minute hasn't it?

I won't lie to you, I've been busy but not busy enough to have not written a few of these out haha.

Here's a flash of what has happened since we last spoke.

- I have taken 2 courses on social media and I'm on my third

- I went to Barcelona with work

- I have planned a surprise castle getaway for my bosses 30th birthday with all her friends coming.

- I went to Leeds and York with work

- My dad got married

- I saw my bestie for the first time in 6 months

- and I got into a huge reading slump.

I'm proud to tell you I am officially out of my reading slump, so the last book I had read when I last spoke to you was Sarah J Maas' 1st book in the Crescent City series.

After that was... a lot of smutty romance and fanfic I won't lie

Smut included Bound to the dark, Hot Vampire Next Door 1&2, and Marriage for One.

Out of these Marriage for One by Ella Raise was my favourite! It's a longer romance sitting at 520 pages but man did I love every second. Think marriage of convenience, think enemies to lovers, think sunshine and grumpy it really does have everything. I will warn you I did cry once. I fully recommend this book to any romance lover! The other three were good but I was just there for the smut haha.

It took me ages to get past the first 3 chapters but I eventually did to SJM's House of Sky and Breath. Which was... man I don't even know how to explain it, it's some of her best writing and the world building is extensive. I am practically begging her for the next one.

The next romance books I went for were the Off-Campus series, GOOD GOD I swore to myself that sports romance weren't my think but this ice-hockey series can take my soul now I am in love with the whole team. Each book focuses on a different player and their respective partner. I'm now on the third one and still loving them please give them a try they are by the fabulous Elle Kennedy.

The next fantasy ones I read were kind of a cheat for me as they were a romance fantasy trilogy based on Hades and Persephone in Modern Day Greece. I only realised at the end that A touch of Darkness is not a trilogy but there is no new books for another year - cries in cliff hangers - these are good the first its my fave though.

Now onto the GOOD STUFF the fanfics - I'd like to point out that I've read all of the books in this post over a 5 month period and that is why I am considering it a slump fyi. SO the fanfics I read this year so far are.....

- You're my light and salvation

- Wait and Hope

- The Right Thing to do

- Three Wizards and a Baby

- Remain Nameless

- Currently reading, the Auction

You're my light and salvation was good but I will warn you has the pregnancy trope and it is not my fave trope so I was a but like meh, writing is good and was a super quick read though! Wait and Hope was AMAZING I loved it, I had never read a memory loss trope book before and man was it a ride, we had simp Draco, and stubborn Hermione and bestie Ginny and Harry. I loved it. The Right thing to do was so great, such a different story and Narcissa was one of my faves the whole way through tbh. This is also why I decided to read The Auction as it is by the same author, and it is the same world just if Volde had won the war instead.

Three Wizards and a Baby JUMPED to top of my list. Obsessed with all the characters and even though I hate the pregnancy trope this was one of a kind and everyone was so fleshed out as a character I just want to be friends with them all. This is some Slytherin love too so, obvs I loved it. Remain nameless was amazing too, these authors really know what they are doing this is a meeting after the war type fanfic where they grow closer. It's a Long one but deffo worth it. Narcissa is not the best in this one as a character I mean she was wrote really well just mean.

Well after this super long post you are probably like leave me alone Niamh you've been done for 5 months and now it's too much. SO SORRY I will be more active from now on.

Artwork by

Left - Wait and Hope - Avendell

Right - The Auction - NikitaJobson

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