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Love languages?? Nah what's your Hogwarts House babe?

Okay slightly misleading... excuse the phrasing but I loooove love languages! I find them so interesting and who wouldn't you learn the best way to care for your friends and family? However this is not what this blog post is about (although if you want me to write about them let me know!)

I would love to know your Hogwarts house so please drop it in the comments below.

As you can see from my (very very sad) gif we've got a bunch of Gryffindors there however you might be surprised - or not - that I am not in the lions house. Any guesses??

dun dun duuuunnnn... Slytherin! but also Hufflepuff..??? Now you might not feel like these houses go together very well but I've taken the quizzes loads (who hasn't) and these are my top two. Recently I've been thinking about my 2022 and what I want to achieve and how I want my life to look and really I have some damn big plans. I think a lot of the time we think we have to keep our dreams at arms length. Can't get too close otherwise we might let ourselves or others down. You know what I say to this?


How are we supposed to get excited, and energised to put our dreams into action if we can't see them in our minds eye all the time?? Now, I'm not saying be obsessive or anything everyone deserves breaks however I am saying that your dreams are only going to visual in your life if you put in some actions to let the universe know you're ready for them!

SO being a Slytherin I tend to be quite ambitious in my dreams and because sharing is caring some of my long and short term goals are - getting a car, getting a house, owning property, owning a shop or artistic community space, falling in love, being able to afford to see my international friends more than once every 4/5 years. But my counter house Hufflepuff, leads me in a more organised realistic view both of my houses balance me out. That is what I love about being a slytherpuff haha. I'd love to know what your houses or combo houses are and if you think they are helping or hindering you??

Back to my point, getting your dreams is as easy as doing one small thing a week to show yourself you are moving towards something. For example for my car, I have a saving account that I put money into every month, for getting my own house I have a folder in my TikTok full of house tips and tricks that I can use when I'm closer to that goal. For falling in love, I am on dating sites even though I find them so difficult to get a connection with someone on. It's all little things but it leads to my bigger end goals.

What are some of your goals?

As always I would love to connect with you so get in touch!

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