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Something new...???

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Hello lovely people across the internet. I thought I'd start a blog?!

How wild, honestly I don't know why I hadn't thought of it sooner since when I was younger all I did was write and draw. One illustration degree later and we've come full circle.

I decided that since my internal monologue never bloody stops why not share the love and share my ramblings to the world. So hello my name is Niamh and it is ever so lovely to meet you. At time of writing (23/2/22) I am currently 22, I work for two fabulous artists, and I live in the stunning Edinburgh. I also thought since I reckon traffic on here will be pretty quiet I'd use it as diary of such.

I have travelled a lot as a child and teenager and I think Edinburgh is the first place where I've thought "yeah this would be a pretty nice place to stay" My current move count is at 11 so in my wee head it tends to mean a lot when I want to stay somewhere. What else is there to me... Daughter of NHS worker and Engineer, my grandad was a Captain in the Merchant Navy, I adore all sorts of fandoms (HP, SJM, Fantasy books, Romance books, anything Gilmore Girls related) Would love any recommendations that match the vibe??

Every week I base my aesthetic and personality on a different fictional character, is it not more fun that way? This year my goals are to take more pictures, draw more frequently, and to explore all of Edinburgh.

Hopefully during this blog you will get to know me better (chronic oversharer whoops) I can tell you my fave things around Edinburgh and Scotland and maybe even depart some of my very small worldly advice. I can't wait to learn more about you also.

See you in the next post and if you want to see more of me check out my socials down below:)

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