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Windy dark days and what I read

Reading this year is one of my main goals. No you might be like "oi Niamh reading is a lot of peoples goals what makes you different" and I'd be like damn that's a great question.


Ultimately, it comes down to two things.

  1. I don't really care about "bettering myself" through reading and such I am just reading what makes me happy.

  2. What makes me happy is fantasy books, bad romance books and even worse fanfics.

So... before we go on I will be sharing my reads every month and they are 100% 18+ reads. FINAL WARNING - do not go ahead with my reading recc's if you are under 18, don't like romance, or don't want smutty/spicy reads.

January was a a very slow month I won't lie but I did a lot of travelling and work was super busy. Anyhoooo here are my three books.

First off is third book from the wonderful Victoria Aveyard. King's Cage was not what I was expecting in the next book of the Red Queen Series. I read the first two earlier last year so after a hideous reading slump I decided to start off strong with a series I knew. Deffo recommend this series and I cannot wait to read the last one (It's very big so I am keeping it at arms length atm) I will say this world is more... almost politically inclined than other fantasy books but I found it fascinating.

Secondly, MY FIRST EVER FULL ON ROMANCE BOOK. Yes you read that right. I had never before read a book that was solely in the romance genre and man was I missing out. This book is the sole reason I am now obsessed. So without further ado I 100% blame my romance obsession on Ali Hazelwood and her amazing book The Love Hypothesis. Honestly all I can do is tell you to read it - I was smiling and giggling as this book an embarrassing amount.

And finally! Although I actually finished this book in Feb it was a part of my reading plan for Jan and we took it slower as I was reading it with my bestie (she's 100% a faster reader than me) for the new release of Sarah J Maas' second Crescent City book. So I read CC1 to catch up again because I fully inhaled 600 pages of that on one day in 2020 so you best believe I could not remember a damn thing that happened. AND GOD DAMN so much happens in this book and I truly think this is some of her best writing so please please read it if you fancy another big boy (both books are over 750 pages) series to follow along with. Only downside is in fact that it isn't a finished series so you can't binge it all in one go.. yet.

Okay that's all from me folks, I'd love to hear what you are reading and if you've read the above books let me know your thoughts an opinions plsssss!!

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